CruzEditor is the custom editor used to design levels in Cruz. You can download it for free and create your own content.

This page discusses how to use the editor and offers suggestions for how to design levels.

Overview of CruzEditor

CruzEditor is a free download that allows individuals to create third-party content for the game Cruz. Kroz-style games were fun to play, but before CruzEditor, there was no easy way to create mods for them. Now you can create any content you want!

The editor runs on the Adobe AIR platform, which is a free download from Adobe. You use the mouse and keyboard to "draw" portions of levels.

With the ability to load and edit any of the original Kroz episodes, plus create an unlimited number of new ones, CruzEditor puts a lot of flexibility in the hands of the designer.

By using an XML-based property system, the editor gives the designer much control over individual level and episode features, allowing one to fine-tune levels to perfection.

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