About ZZT Ultra

ZZT Ultra is a Flash application for playing ZZT or Super ZZT games in a web browser. It also aims to be the next-generation ZZT engine, providing numerous improvements to gameplay and capabilities.

This site, run by the creator of the program, is the primary launch, download, and support site for ZZT Ultra.

Just what the heck is ZZT???

If you don't know, these links will help you find out. You should find out. Failure to do so is not an option.

In a nutshell, ZZT was the first major game creator from Tim Sweeney. That's right, the genius behind Unreal. It was a relatively primitive 16-bit application for MS-DOS.

This one game creator spawned TENS OF THOUSANDS of total conversions. Primarily, ZZT Ultra was created with all these third-party games in mind: you should be able to play any ZZT game immediately, regardless of operating system or hardware.

How do I find more information about ZZT Ultra?

Who made ZZT Ultra?

Christopher Allen is a man whose career alternates between programming computers and running a massive criminal empire.

Right now, he's in "programming" mode.

You can reach him at chris@chriskallen.com.

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