The classic distribution model for ZZT content has been a manual-copying model, with users having to fetch world files or tools from a website, deploy the content on their own hard disk, and run all content locally.

ZZT Ultra has a more advanced hosting model. The system not only provides downloadable content, but also establishes a web-hosting environment for anyone to deploy server-side.

ZZT Ultra Distribution Package

This ZIP file contains the latest ZZT Ultra distribution package.


This is the README containing deployment instructions. It is also embedded within the ZIP file package.

The instructions assume that you are a competent webmaster.

If you wish to deploy ZZT Ultra locally on your own computer, this is also possible, but you will not be able to use any content-hosting features. When ZZT Ultra is deployed locally, it remains "sandboxed" to the local configuration only. This is the "classic" way ZZT has been used: local and non-netted.


This is the change log for ZZT Ultra progress as a whole, including the engine, the website, and various support tools.

ZZT Ultra Source Code

This ZIP file contains the latest ZZT Ultra source code files. It is subject to a Non-Commercial Creative Commons License.

If you want to make substantial use of the code, you'll need at least Adobe Flash CS4, or else something that can compile ActionScript 3.

The source code is provided with no guarantees whatsoever.

Other Tools

ZZT Sound Plus is a radical new polyphonic capture tool! With this application, you can translate any .WAV file into note sequences compatible with ZZT Ultra or The Hall of Music. But it's way more powerful than that--it can also create output for MIDI and sheet music bitmap files. This tool is a certified rule-breaker in terms of what it can do with music!

ZZT Imager is a convenience tool for converting images to ZZT metadata. The idea is that any bitmap image can be loaded into the tool and translated into either a ZZT Ultra GUI or a ZZT Ultra board design. This tool also creates content compatible with the legacy ZZT and Super ZZT editors.

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