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CruzEditor.air - Installer Download

The installer for CruzEditor comes with level designs as well as a development version of Cruz, which can be used to test and run the content created with CruzEditor.

CruzEditor is provided with no guarantees. Use at your own risk.

Level Designs

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kroz_kingdom_i.xml Kingdom of Kroz I
kroz_kingdom_ii.xml Kingdom of Kroz II
kroz_caverns.xml Caverns of Kroz
kroz_dungeons.xml Dungeons of Kroz
kroz_return.xml Return to Kroz
kroz_temple.xml Temple of Kroz
kroz_final_crusade.xml Final Crusade of Kroz
kroz_lost_adventures.xml Lost Adventures of Kroz
cruz_underground_empire.xml The Underground Empire of Cruz
textchars.xml Sample of text characters that can be used on the text layer
sample.xml Sample of general level design


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