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The Cruz site offers instructions on how to play, a complete list of game objects, playing guides, and much more.


Basic Information

Cruz is an action/puzzle game that focuses heavily on strategy in order to solve the numerous puzzles and handle situations with lots of enemies on the screen at once. (In some cases, thousands!)

At its core, the gameplay of Cruz is fundamentally the same as Kroz. You control an adventurer who travels through numerous temples, caverns, forests, and trap-filled rooms, collecting treasure.

You have four types of items in your inventory to aid you:

Gems These add to your points and protect against damage. Monsters and other hazards, such as lava, take away your gems. If you lose all your gems, you die.
Whips These are activated with the 'W' key. A whip damages or destroys nearby enemies. Some walls block your path and must be whipped in order to advance.
Teleport Scrolls These are activated with the 'T' key. A teleport scroll takes you to a random location, which can be useful when you are trapped or when enemies have completely surrounded you.
Keys These can be used to unlock doors. It is critical that you collect as many as possible.

The objective in most levels is to find the nearest stairs () to the next lower level. While many levels are filled with treasure, keep in mind that collecting treasure usually means encountering monsters () and traps ().

Each adventure has a quest artifact () that you must obtain. The artifacts tend to be tucked away in the deepest levels of the dungeon. In other words, very hard to get to.

While it might seem like fun to whip everything in sight, you should never lose sight of your goal. Good decision-making early on will be rewarded in the later levels!


Your character can move in two ways: with the arrow keys or with the mouse.

Keyboard movement is self-explanatory. The arrow keys move the player in the appropriate direction. Diagonal directions can be moved by pressing the Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys.

Mouse movement is a feature unique to Cruz; it was not available in Kroz. To move to a location, click once on the location to move the player there. The player will figure out the safest path to the destination, if reaching the destination safely is possible. When moving in such a manner, yellow crosshairs () appear on the destination.

It is also possible to move in a rushed fashion. Double-click on a spot to move the player there in a helter-skelter run, cutting through enemies and hazards like lava, taking damage if necessary. When moving in such a manner, red crosshairs () appear on the destination.

By clicking on a boulder, you activate a two-stage movement system. The first click selects the boulder to move, after which blue crosshairs () appear. The second click selects the destination to which to push the boulder. Note that boulders can only be moved this way if the destination is in a direct line from the origin, and the player must also be able to get into position to push the boulder.

A smart player will use either the mouse or the keyboard based upon specific contexts. For example, invisible mazes and random maze layouts are easiest to navigate with the mouse. Contrarily, the "sideways perspective" levels are easiest to navigate with the keyboard.

There are several actions that can only be performed with the keyboard:

  •  W    Whip surrounding area, damaging enemies and weak walls. Costs 1 whip.
  •  T     Teleport to a new location. Costs 1 teleport scroll.
  •  P     Pause the game. Also useful to see the entire level in zoomed-out mode.
  •  S     Save the game (get a password for later). You can copy the password using Ctrl+C.
  •  R     Restore the game from a previously saved game (password required).
  •  L     Restart the current level.
  •  O    Change game options.
  •  Q    Quit the game.
  •  F     Fast-forward the action. Useful when you need to wait for enemies to advance towards you from a distance.

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